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Let’s start off with an introduction.  My name is Teresa Rose, and I was diagnosed with Epilepsy over 5 years ago after having several Clonic-Tonics.  I have also been diagnosed with having Complex Partial Seizures (and they have no idea how long those have been going on).  I never expected something like this to happen to me, and it has affected my entire life. I feel like I have had enough hardships in my life, the last thing I needed was to be diagnosed with  another  debilitating illness.   I was diagnosed with  Hashimoto's  when I was 19. I had half of my thyroid gland removed because I had a large tumor (benign thank goodness) and have been on medication because of it for over 12 years. This autoimmune disease as some of you know causes fatigue, body aches, weight gain, cold sweats, hair loss, etc, etc.  Now, not only do I have those, but even more symptoms from my seizures and extreme side effects from just about every medication for epilepsy that I have tried.  The

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