6 Weeks Seizure Free

I went 6 weeks without a seizure. I've been doing yoga 3 times a week, I cut meat and dairy out of my diet about 90%, and I was still being really consistent with no sugar. -I'll talk about that in a different blog- 6 weeks was the longest I had gone in a long time! And unfortunately I'm not really sure which one of those has been a key player in helping. Or maybe it was all of them.
So as we all know my seizures have just really been out of control. At least that's the way it feels. I feel as though normally I can't go a week without one. So in January I made a goal that I thought had the potential to help a lot. #1 Do yoga three times a week. Modern medicine was just not cutting it for me on its own. And I know meditation is supposed to help relax your mind.

January was also my year mark on the Full Spectrum CBD. I've been taking a full dropper of the 2500 mg a day. So, like I said I've been having a seizure about once a week-week and a half since Mid-Oct, it had gone down from every 3 days. But I was still so tired of it. I started Topamax after my week long EEG mid Oct and was still having all these seizures. I recovered fast like always but it's still exhausting. I am also not convinced that the CBD Isolate, Full Spectrum, or Pure CBD will make a difference. Maybe that's where I'm wrong. My thought process was that I would add one of those to the mix later if yoga wasn't enough.

I did so well in being consistent with yoga, it's easy to do something that you love. It's also convenient. My yoga studio was 2 blocks away, and since the quarantine it's just up the stairs. Even though it is even more convenient to do it at home it's so much less motivating. Since the quarantine started things also started going downhill. Things started to really get stressful. The yoga studio closed, but some classes remained online which did make things easier. But then I started messing up in other areas of my life, I started eating more sugar, I'm less active than normal, I wasn't taking as much CBD, there's been a lot of stress around this Covid-19 thing, my boyfriend lost his job so we've had more free time, there's been a lot going on. And then I wasn't doing as much yoga, or doing shorter classes for a few weeks.
And on a Thursday night I had 2 complex partial seizures in a row. I'm not sure why I had them. As you can see there could have been several factors. I'm pretty mad at myself to be honest, because I didn't keep track. I know it's unrealistic, but why couldn't I just mess one thing up at a time?!

I started doing yoga 3 times a week again and taking one dropper of CBD every day. Exactly one week later I had 2 complex partial seizures one after the other. The next week I continued doing yoga 3 times a week with no seizures. Hopefully we will continue on the no seizure path again. I'm also going to start cutting out the sugar again, maybe not 100% but I could at least shoot for no juice and no food with sugar in it. I'm also going to start adding some Pure CBD to the mix in about a week, and continue to not eat meat and dairy about 90% of the time. It's actually so much easier than it sounds and it's so much cheaper and makes things easier to cook and clean.


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