Week 2 with CBD

It has been almost 2 weeks since I started taking CBD oil.  My bottle of tincture is 1250mg in a 30ml bottle, so I have been taking 1ml a day which equals roughly 42mg of CBD each day.  About 5 days ago I had a Partial Complex Seizure, which is now called a Focal Onset Impaired Awareness Seizure. I feel as though the more researchers learn about the brain, the longer the term for a type of seizure becomes.  I hope that means that they are being able to narrow it down..... 

Anyway, I thought that maybe I had a seizure because it was almost 11 AM and I hadn't eaten yet (I'm trying to narrow down my triggers).  But low and behold, I had another partial complex seizure the next day and I HAD eaten!  Since I ended up having 2 seizures in 2 days I decided to go get a CBD vape pen and start taking 1.5ml of oil which is about 63mg of CBD.  So, I am taking 1ml in the morning and .5ml in the afternoon.  

I got my vape pen at my local vape shop for $45, it is 250 mg in a very small cartridge.  So far I have smoked a third of it in less than a week.  I do think it's helping though, even if just a little bit.  I smoke a few puffs and wait about 10 minutes, if I still feel anxious I'll do that again, and so on, and so on.  Maybe that's why I'm running out so fast!  Mine taste minty-delicious.
As far as the CBD Isolate, I don't feel as tho it is helping my anxiety BUT it is amazing for headaches.  I take a little scoop with my finger and it works within about 10 minutes and last about 3-4 hours.  I've only taken 2 little scoops once, otherwise 1 was enough!  So I am really impressed and highly recommend it.

Happy Birthday during all this!

Alright, so I have been doing a lot of homework on different CBD companies.  Calculating how many mg's are in 1ml (pay attention to this!), if they are tested by a third party, how it's grown, how the companies extract the CBD and the $$ DUH.  Since I am still unable to work and I'm sure the case is the same with many others I feel like that's a pretty reasonable (obvious) thing to consider.  I have found several different companies that I am the most interested in, but have a lot more to look at.  If you're curious about my findings so far just leave a comment or message me.  ðŸ’œðŸ’œðŸ’œðŸ’œðŸ’œðŸ’œðŸ’œðŸ’œðŸ’œðŸ’œðŸ’œ


  1. Great to know about journey with CBD. My Journey is lit bit same as of yours. I'm also using CBD Tinctures from last four months as I was suffering from Sleep Disorder and I had tried a lot of medicines for sleep which cause me many side-effects. Then one of my friends mother advice me about CBD Tinctures which start resulting in 2 days and I'm impressed with this product and now I can sleep well and work well. Thanks.

    1. Hi David, I am so glad that it is working for you! Sleep medicine is scary stuff. It took about a month and a half for me to really notice that cbd was working, but I was also getting off a really high dose of seizure medication and had currently been to the ER, so I feel like there was a lot of healing that needed to happen first. Let me know if I can help you in any way or if you just want to chat.


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