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This CBD feels like a savior. I CAN REMEMBER THINGS! Over the past 5 months I started a new job and have been studying 24/7 to get two licenses that I needed in order to work for this company. (That's why I haven't posted in so long, I've just been too exhausted). These licenses have a 65% pass rate (yikes). But, my company provides all the resources you need and you study for the 8 hours that you are at work for 3 months. Their pass rate is 91%! They do not mess around. I knew that it would be hard but I refused to believe it would be impossible. I had started feeling better, my black eye had gone away (literally the day I started back in December) and I wanted to feel smart. I mean, you only needed a 72% to pass, it should be easy. Right?

I've never studied so hard in my life. I was still having pretty consistent seizures for the first few months but then it went down to only once a month. You'd think that it would be more frequent since I was so stressed out. But maybe it was different this time. I have a healthy home life, and social pressure didn't really exist. I was having good luck with this CBD. This test was just me against me. 3.5 hours and 150 Q's. Anyway, I passed the first half of my exam but failed the top off. Ugh!!! How embarrassing. I was running late for the exam, got lost, then found myself in a PACKED proctors office. So many humans just standing around nervously. My anxiety was already running really high and I thought I was going to have a panic attack. As soon as I sat down I knew I was going to fail. I knew nothing. I couldn't remember anything. Fog City. I didn't just fail by a question or two, I got a 63%! I had to tell my boss, and I was mortified, the test basically said I was incompetent at all 5 topics. But, I told him the truth, it was so embarrassing. I wanted to blame my seizures but at the same time I HATE that excuse, regardless if it's legit. He said we would try again. I was lucky I didn't score lower, if it had been 60% I don't know if I would have gotten another chance.

I had to wait one month to take it again, but since the very beginning I had known that I needed more time. One month had not been enough, not for this in depth and dense material. Not everything was resinating with me and nothing was making sense. It all just mushed together. So there was that, plus the fact that I have such a hard time remembering anything anyway, let alone something boring. But I want to know! I want to feel smart! Even if I have to study twice as hard as anyone else. 

The week before I took the Series 7 top off I was so scared that I was going to have a seizure. I needed my memory! All of it!  So obviously I had one 3 days before (seriously?!). At least it was small, and I was determined to pass. I shrugged that seizure out of my mind. I don't have time for that! I don't have time to question myself and feel bad for myself! I had to pass, my job was on the line. A job that has great benefits and an option to work at home and pay for school. Where else would I find a job that would work with my disability this well?

On another note, and something I should've mentioned earlier, is that I had started realizing earlier that month that eating straight protein in the morning was helping my head feel clear. A clear head! That is almost unheard of for me. Of course I didn't put two and two together until I was being fed carbs every morning at work. I started to notice the fog and the fact that things weren't making sense again. I'll start off by saying that I don't think the keto diet is right for me, but I did notice that protein in the morning made a difference on my day, because the fog would clear. 

Jumping back to the main subject, a few weeks later I PASSED that freaking test. It was so intense! Then I PASSED the next test. It was a marathon, but I'm finally done, and my job is secured.

I'm still taking the 150mg of CBD oil a day of the brand MedTerra. It has been so good to me I don't want to even try a new one again. I had tried another brand after taking MedTerra for a month, just because I wanted to keep exploring, but during that time is when I had the most seizures. So back on MedTerra I went. Maybe it's not worth trying more brands if you find one that works.


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