Partial Complex Seizure on Day 2

So, you might know that I have been taking CBD now for just 3 days. I know it's not supposed to start working for a few months, and I know I am risking having seizures until then (IF it works). And low and behold I had one.

Yesterday, I was getting ready to make my second video on YouTube and lost a few hours out of my day due to having a small seizure. I am trying to take it really slow today. I am so tired but I can never nap because my anxiety is so bad. I always feel like I should be doing something, especially because I'm on disability and feel kind of useless. Anyway, I made the video today, it's pretty special because I didn't exactly finish getting ready before I made it. I just knew I wouldn't do it at all if I waited any longer. I'm going to hang out with my animals today because I am too lame to go outside or socialize with anyone. Just wanted to update you guys!



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