The Benefits that I've Experienced with CBD

Since starting this journey with CBD I have had some interesting experiences. I have tried several brands of oil, vape, and gummies. If I am going to go this route then I am going to do everything I can to stop having seizures. I will take as much CBD oil as I feel necessary. It does get expensive but as many of you know, they are traumatizing! Enough so that people cut their head open to find what area in their brain is causing them problems. I refuse to do this. My Epileptologist tried to convince me that it was one of my last options, but not in my eyes. Fill me up with CBD, there has to be another way.
Time to try something new!

At first I couldn't tell if the oil was working, then when I was sure it was I'd have a seizure. So I added more. I'm up to 150mg a day of the tincture and have been taking that dose for about 5 months. I also vape my 1:1 whenever I feel anxious, which is mostly when I'm in public. I have gummies as well but I prefer not to take them.

As the months went on I noticed that I wasn't getting your common cold anymore and my memory and ability to retain information were working like they were 10 years ago. I'm starting to feel smart again which is something I've been the most self conscious about out of all the negative aspects of having seizures.

My seizures have been less violent. The convulsions haven't came back, drop seizures are happening instead, which in my opinion is much better. It's less scary for people around me and my body doesn't hurt near as bad since it isn't tensing up like normal. I still have absence seizures every once in a while as well, but ONCE A MONTH as opposed to every day is relieving. My recovery time gets faster and faster, to the point where having a seizure every once in a while is a million times better than experiencing symptoms from medication every day. I know within minutes or hours if I've had a seizure, as opposed to the normal post ictal confusion. I know I fell during my last one because I must have hit my head on something. So I had sharp shooting pains up my neck and shoulders for a few days. That, and I seizure stash things. I found my blanket in the middle of the floor, I find things where they don't belong which is when the physical proof finally makes me admit that I had a seizure. I still feel a little funky after a seizure but in the past 4 months it's gone away within a few days tops.

Even though I still constantly worry about having seizures, I'm trying to stop obsessing over them. It's hard when you have no idea when one might happen or where. At least I know that the next one won't be too bad, I might get hurt but I will recover. 


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