3 Weeks Seizure Free!

It has been a little over 3 weeks since my last seizure. I am really hoping it is because of the CBD oil I've been taking and not just because I've been less stressed since I haven't been working.  Maybe it's both. I've been feeling better and better for the most part, but my social anxiety is still pretty bad. I have to MAKE myself leave the house. If I have to talk to anyone I don't know (or don't know very well) I start getting really self conscious and super awkward. I hate it. I'm just worried all the time about having a seizure and blanking out, making me seem like a bitch.

I think the CBD is helping though. My head sometimes is really clear, but other times I still have trouble processing things. I have been using CBD vape as well. I just ordered some from CBD Fit Recovery that has terpenes in it like linalool. This terpene is supposed to help fight neural degeneration. If you've ever had a seizure, you know that it can cause permanent damage to the brain. Especially if it's over 5 minutes, and a few years ago I had one for 12 hours.

At the moment I am almost done with my second bottle of CBD from CBDistillery. It taste like pot and took some time getting used to. I think their vape definitely helps as well but it taste like melted plastic. I got the Grand Daddy Purp because it seemed like the most relevant one to take.

CBD is expensive, make sure you look for coupons before you buy it because you can normally find 10% off for any legit company. For my journey, I've decided to try different brands so that I can put reviews up for each one because I know how much they are needed. I am also using the oil/tincture that is 2500 mg in a 30 ml bottle. If you can do the math, you will be getting a little over 83 mg in 1 ml. I have been taking 1 ml in the morning and about half of that later in the evening, sometimes more. I don't know if I need to take that much but it seems to be working. There is no way that I am going to risk taking a lower dose, especially after I received the following letter in the mail. A copy that had been sent to my leave and disability company.


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