Epidiolex; the 1st FDA Approved Plant Derived CBD:THC

Big Pharma, have you finally done something right? The FDA just approved the first plant derived CBD:THC tincture. Epidiolex. Epi-die-o-lex. 

We've all heard the horror stories about synthetic THC killing people and sending hundreds to the ER. Luckily, those deaths and ER visits were caused by specific brands that were selling synthetic THC in convenience stores and the like. When you read about the details, the product sounds pretty sketchy. Nothing I would have taken even if I would have known about its existence.

When my Epileptologist mentioned Epidiolex to me I said absolutely not! I've heard the stories. So she mentioned brain surgery or the VNS. NOOOOO! She said it's simple, in and out. But I don't care, I'm already extremely self conscious because of my epilepsy, I don't want scars or a constant physical reminder. 

I did my research on this new FDA approved CBD:THC. Skeptical or not, I need to know all the details because I'm neurotic, but most importantly so I can share it with people like me. Always be knowledgable about your conditions, because you can't trust anyone else to know more than you do. To be honest, I don't think my doctor even fully knew if Epidiolex was plant derived or made synthetically. I read more, and found that they are not only deriving it from the hemp plant, but keeping it in the tincture form. It also comes in high doses so it would be easier to afford taking 300 mg a day. (CBD is putting deep holes in my pockets, and I'm only taking 150 mg a day). Plus there is a huge possibility that my insurance will cover it since it would come from a state pharmacy, all I had to do was apply. It has been 2 weeks and I am still waiting to hear if I'm approved. My application is STILL processing. Here in Utah, even though Prop 2 was passed, there are a lot of restrictions on who can get this medicine. Even though the THC doesn't give you a "high", for some reason it's still seen as a dangerous drug. Only a handful of people here will be able to get approved, and the list of qualified conditions isn't very long. Cancer, Crohns, Epilepsy. A few more exceptions that I can't recall. But, if I can't get approved, who can? Let's not make this HOPE into a JOKE Utah.


  1. Hi Teresa, Your prologue really hit home. I have many of the same feelings about this as you. I moved to California in an attempt to get relief. All of the FDA "approved" drug were either ineffective or horrifying in their side effects. I will tell you this... It took a long time to find the right balance of CDB / THC. That being said there is relief, sometimes i will take my Keppra if I am under a lot of stress.

    I know this sounds really bad, but the most effective thing in controlling my epilepsy was getting rid of any toxic people around that stress you out. I don't know if it will help you but finding the a full spectrum oil really helped. I also found tinctures to be more effective for me at least. I won't say how much because i've found over the last year I can "just tell" based on auras and the like.

    If you have any questions or just want to vent. feel free to respond. I know how frustrating this is. The second day on a new client t/c in the middle of a meeting. So I feel ya.

    Hope this ramble helps,



    1. Hi Lonny, thanks for reaching out! I couldn't agree with you more about getting rid of toxic people in your life and it's definitely not something that you should feel bad doing or saying. Stress is one of my biggest triggers so I get it.

      I have also been thinking about moving just so I can have a blend of cbd:thc to see if it would work better than cbd by itself. It's pretty sad that we have to move to another state.

      What brand are you taking and how much? Find me on Instagram or email me epilepsybabe@gmail.com I'd love to chat.

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