Concussion of the Year

Here we are through the grossest phases of my newest black eye. The picture on the top is my favorite, I look like a lizard person. It had to be a Atonic because I never know that I just had a seizure. I just black out for a second (which feels normal), then continue to try to do what I was doing before I had the seizure. During this one, I was brushing my teeth. Then, I remember laying in bed being really confused about why my head was killing me! I had the biggest headache and a HUGE bump on my forehead. OMGAAHHH!! That's how I feel, this fucking sucks. I had given myself a huge concussion, I ALMOST went to the Emergency Room, but instead took some Tylenol and got an icepack. The next day all the blood had gone into my eye so I wasn't able to go to work. The next day it was almost all under my eye. At least it was healing fast! The next day and the next is when you could start seeing my giant bruise from the fall which looked pretty nasty. LIZARD PERSON

This black eye went away much faster than the one I had 6 months ago. It was gone within 3 weeks instead of 4 and this one was probably worse. I know it's the cbd that's helping me so much.


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